Organizational Culture Change: About us

The online video training on this website is offered to you by OCAI Online.
We offer the validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument by Cameron & Quinn as an online, automated tool to facilitate organizational culture change. OCAI Online’s founders are Marcel Lamers MSc. and Marcella Bremer MScBA.

Organizational Culture Change and the OCAI

The online video training will help you guide successful organizational culture change. You’ll learn how to utilize organizational culture by assessing and changing it with the OCAI tool and its accompanying change method.

After this training on Organizational Culture Change you will be able to:

  • Professionally diagnose current and preferred culture with the OCAI
  • Identify different sub cultures, eventual resistance but also readiness to organizational culture change
  • Use the basics of change management to stimulate sustainable organizational culture change
  • Conduct OCAI workshops to customize the outcome to this specific situation
  • Work with culture from identity & values down to daily behavior and performance so the organizational culture change becomes very specific and tangible
  • Engage people to organizational culture change by participation
  • Guide Organizational Culture Change using collective ideas and efforts

Marcella Bremer and Marcel Lamers

Who we are and what we do on Organizational Culture Change

We are Marcel Lamers MSc and Marcella Bremer MScBA working as consultants in the field of organizational culture change.
We help leaders, HR and change managers, executives and other consultants change organizations to achieve their goals in a way that is engaging, sustainable and very practical. We provide the OCAI tool online next to various online courses, consulting and more. Our motto is to develop the workers, the workplace and the world.

Our European consulting firm started to use the OCAI tool and its method of organizational culture change in 2006. Because it was convenient to provide it online for our clients, we obtained permission from Prof. Kim Cameron to do so. We conducted an extensive research in the Dutch Health Care Sector with over 1,600 participants, using the online OCAI tool. The outcome was interesting and challenging, indicating that almost all health practitioners were very dissatisfied with the way their work was organized in large organizations, with little time for patients and clients, high work pressure, constant lack of time and money and even exhaustion.
The report was offered to boards, ministries and politicians and proved what people already suspected.
Kim Cameron

How OCAI Online was founded

After this health care research, other industries wanted to use the OCAI tool as well. We started a dedicated website called OCAI Online and made the OCAI available in the Netherlands. We worked on organizational culture change projects using the OCAI and guiding the change after the assessment, starting with OCAI workshops and helping organizations develop their own change programs to implement and sustain the change.
ocai graph organizational culture assessment
We found that clients needed a step-by-step method to work with their assessment results and to customize the outcome to meet their specific needs. We refined the change procedure explained in Cameron and Quinn’s book “Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture” and added steps with questions, exercises and extras that made it easier for our clients to work with their culture and behaviors. Because this elaborated step-by-step method proved to be successful, we shared it in our OCAI work kits.

Organizational Culture Change worldwide

In 2010 we launched the English version of OCAI Online and started working worldwide with the OCAI tool. We currently share our way of helping organizations change in this online video training that explains everything from theory to practice when guiding organizational culture change as a consultant or HR manager.

Develop the workers, the workplace and the world!

We’ve always been surprised to see how unhappy and demotivated some people can be at work, just sitting there because they have to pay the rent. We’ve experienced great places to work where the opposite was the case and where the full potential of individuals created great things for organizations.

The world could be a much better place if people develop themselves, live up to their full potential and achieve their goals and treat one another with respect. We agree wholeheartedly with Daniel Pink who found that what motivates people is not only satisfying material needs, but above all our intellectual and emotional needs. Achieving Mastery in your profession, Autonomy in doing your work and having a Purpose, to contribute to the world.

We are dedicated to facilitating this worldwide development and because our society is organized in organizations, institutions and corporations, these places are a great starting point for learning and development. Every worker who finds their personal strength, self respect and ability to learn, develop and change, will take this home and spread it further in families, groups, neighborhood and society.

We are fascinated by learning, development and change. With the rapid pace of contemporary change, it is essential that people cope with change. Organizations are changing all the time. We found that successful change only occurs when identity, beliefs, competencies and behaviors are aligned. We can’t order the others to change. Every individual in the organization has to change their own beliefs, competencies and behaviors. The vehicle to collectively do so and support each other to make the change, is organizational culture.

Organizational Culture Change means taking ownership

We can’t force organizational culture change. We work with the people who make up an organization to collectively change their culture and take ownership for their change. We entice them to engage in the change. Finding their will, they can develop the skill. Engagement and participation are key in successful change that will last.

This approach we share with you here.